That was so much fun, we’re going to do it again! Just not in 2024. Please read.

Most of you know by now that my wife had a stroke a few months back. After 101 days in the hospital we discharged just after Christmas and started 2024 with a lot of new territory to cover in terms of mobility, wound healing, and speech therapy. Knowing that, I would not feel as though I’d be able to give the 2024 gathering my full attention over the next 6 months and I will not make her recovery take a back seat to anything.

With that being said, the Music City Pen-Turners Gathering will not happen in 2024.

While it hurts me to write those words, I know it is the appropriate decision for the time being. I do intend to bring the show back in 2025 and hope to see everyone there.

In the mean time, please reach out to your fellow turners and spend some time together. Whether in the shop or just hanging out at the local coffee shop. It’s a great way to show off talent and skills with people that appreciate your abilities, as well as learning something yourself.