That was so much fun, we’re going to do it again!

Welcome back to Music City!  

Our first year was great.  Our second year was pretty awesome.  Now in our third year, we are looking for spectacular.  What made those first two years as good as they were?  It was the attendees and vendors.  If you were here for either of those events, we have you to thank for their success and are asking you to come back for another event so we can make it one you will not forget. 

I’m going to leave the following excerpt from my wrap-up of the 2023 gathering.  I hope you encourage others to join us this year.


“The excitement and energy level in all three rooms was a great thing to witness. We also watched a few young people make their very first pens with the guidance of some very experienced turners. That passion of passing on the knowledge to another generation is what will keep this craft going and this show growing.

This years event saw growth, in both attendee and vendor categories. There are many more vendors out there that missed out, just like there are turners that missed out on being attendees. Our challenge to everyone of you is this: When you start hearing about the next Music City Pen-Turners Gathering, ask your fellow turners if they’re going to be there. Ask you favorite vendor if they are going to be there. Relate to them what you experienced this weekend and how important the fellowship with other people interested in this craft is to the continuance of not only the skill, but also the development of knowledge, ideas and friendships that will last for a lifetime.”

Jason Robinson

MCPTG Show Director